Dennis E. Barnedt, Access Information Management
Gordon Clark, The Governance Institute
Peter Kelly, Pacific Pulmonary Services
Mike Smerklo, ServiceSource
Karen Moriarty, Carillon Assisted Living
Jose R. Stella and Rafael Somoza, VIU Media
Kevin Taweel, Asurion
Russ Thomas, Gold Standard

Dennis E. Barnedt, Former CEO
Access Information Management

“I got to know Housatonic Partners as part of the management team of an earlier company in their portfolio that we successfully sold in 1999, and turned to them when I decided to form a search fund five years later. The Housatonic team has been instrumental to my success with a series of acquisitions as we've built Access. They always maintain a good balance between being investors and advisors.”

Gordon Clark, Former CEO
The Governance Institute and First American Records Management

“As CEO of two portfolio companies, both of which were successfully sold, and as board chair and an investor in a third portfolio company, I’ve seen Housatonic from several perspectives. It is an outstanding organization.”

Mike Smerklo, Chairman of the Board & CEO

“Housatonic has been a real pleasure to work with. Their ethics and integrity are impeccable and whenever they have had to make judgment calls as an investor, they have always selected the option that is most supportive to management.”

Karen Moriarty, President & CEO
Carillon Assisted Living

In working with Housatonic Partners over the past decade, I have found them to be flexible, fair and helpful, and a partner that any CEO would value. In tough times or good, their steady, consistent approach helps in weathering the inevitable turbulence that any company experiences on the road to success.”


Jose R. Stella, Former President (Pictured)
Rafael Somoza, Former CEO
VIU Media

“Housatonic was a key partner for us in VIU Media, which we built into a leading outdoor advertising company in Puerto Rico before ultimately exiting together at a very attractive return. The Housatonic team always kept the entrepreneurs’ interests at the top of the agenda."

Kevin Taweel, Chairman

“Housatonic Partners backed us when we started the company by making our first acquisition over 11 years ago. They have been an important partner for us as we've grown the company in the years since.”

Russ Thomas
Former CEO, Gold Standard

“Housatonic Partners provided our management team with the perfect combination of management support and deal expertise. They invested at the beginning of a high growth period for us and ultimately provided tremendous guidance on when and how to sell the business. Consequently our investors, including our management team, achieved a sales multiple on the business that was one of the highest in our industry. I consider Housatonic Partners both an investor and a partner, and look forward to working with the team in the future.”

Peter Kelly, CEO
Pacific Pulmonary Services

"I had known the principals of Housatonic Partners for several years before the firm became an investor in our company in early 2002. They have been on the Board ever since, engaged and instrumental in helping us evaluate a variety of growth opportunities for our business. I have high respect for their judgment and as a partner to me."

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